Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tokyo Class 1

My first workshop was in Tokyo. Mrs. Nagai picked me up and took me to the workshop. While we were waiting she gave me a beautiful handmade wood shuttle that she had ordered for me a year ago.
There were 18 tatters in this workshop. My interpreter was Mrs. Hori. She had spent time in Chicago, St. Louis and New York city while her husband worked in the US. All went smoothly and the ladies seemed to like my new butterfly pattern. I will publish it after my class in Montana. 

For those that have considered visiting Japan, I would encourage it. Japanese people are the most considerate people in the world; they are courteous, helpful and generous. Public transportation is abundant and easy to use.

As you can see by the examples displayed, the Japanese tatters are very good and have very creative ideas. Trophies for this class went to the beaded owls and to the two purses. I hope to have pictures of the tatters soon. The beautiful beaded purse was presented to me as a gift after class. The pattern is from a 2014 book by Tomoko Morimoto.



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