Monday, November 22, 2010

This will be my last post for a while on Japan. I'm expecting to receive the photos my host took while I was there in a couple weeks. So I may post a few later this year.
One thing that was unexpected was the gifts the students would bring for me. Many were just small thoughtful things Japanese towels or bookmarks. Then others were so generous I wish I had brought more to share with them. This card with matching painted shuttle is one of the things that I wished I had asked where it came from. Notice the shuttle looks like a clover but isn't marked.  I didn't even notice it until my friend Gwen pointed it out.

The bag of Clover shuttles was given to me by the representative that came by to see my display in Kyoto. I hadn't had a chance to purchase the new colors yet, so this was a wonderful surprise.

I was also surprised at the amount of shuttles that are hand painted here. This one is wood. I need to learn how to do this. It sure makes for a beautiful shuttle.

This lovely little doily is about four inches wide.
I always enjoy seeing familiar patterns, like this heart one by Georgia Seitz that was given to me with a shuttle and variegated thread.

These two rings are wrapped with thread. I don't know what this art is called, but would like to know if anyone out there can tell me. It was given to me by a tatter in Nagoya. She said it was something her grandmother and mother taught her.

This little strap is something I'd like to find more of. It's a close up of the ones used on the purses in my Tokyo workshop. I wonder if the local craft stores have these little suspender type clips?

The flower below looks small but is really about 5 inches across. I was given to me by Taek Takashima, the daughter of Toshiko Takashima. This is made with a cord by Japanese needle tatting method.

These last shuttles were given to me by various tatters and are commonly used by the tatters in Japan. Who paints them is something I never did find out. But you can't help but love 'em.


  1. What wonderful souvenirs of your visit to Japan! - that card and matching shuttle is very special, isn't it!
    I think the little custom of bringing and receiving small gifts to events such as your teaching sessions is truly gracious.
    Enjoy all your new shuttles.

  2. You have some beautiful gifts to add to the photos and memories. I love the painted clovers, those delicate roses are so pretty.

  3. Oh, a clear Clover! I like to paint on shuttles but with the colors we get, I have to basecoat them with another color and there is still that original neon color inside even then. I would like to see white, black and clear Clovers available, when you do get to pass on more info to the Clover rep. What wonderful gifts you received!

  4. I've been following your blog and have been fascinated both with your wonderful tatting and your exciting travel adventures.

    Although it is New Year's Day, I'm commenting on this post because I believe I have the answer to your question about the 'rings'.

    They are called 'Japanese thimbles', and if you google that, you will find references to them. They are put on the finger, but only to the knuckle, and are used as thimbles in Japan. However, I could see them being worn as rings! I don't know how they don't get frayed if using them as thimbles! They also seem to be affiliated with the art of Temari, where thread is used in a similar way to wrap larger 'ball' shapes, used purely as decorations. It's pretty fascinating, but I've never tried it.

    I love your beaded ornaments!

  5. Gorgeous mementos. Beautifully done.
    Is that a clear Clover?.