Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Tatting

Wow, I had a great weekend. I went up to the Spokane Shuttlebirds Workshop for a couple Saturday afternoon classes. The first one was "Silhouette Tatting" with Pat Stevens. A definite think ahead project teaching you how to use two color split rings continuously to create outlines and patterns. The second class was a "3D Sea Shell" with Lauren Snyder. A simple project that looks just like a sea shell with many cute variations. Both classes were a lot of fun. The Shuttlebirds always do a great workshop with wonderful table favors. There was a nice memorial display of Mary Konior tatted patterns that different people tatted. I tatted her carnation pattern as a center and added a couple rounds that I made up as I went. I came away with lots of new threads and a beautiful cooper shuttle made by Sherry Pence. (

The second half of my four day weekend was spent visting Bobbie Demmer and CWT friends in Montana.

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