Monday, November 10, 2014

Japan return trip

My special blessing in life is being invited back to Japan for a second time to teach a tatting class.

I left on a Wednesday night and arrived in Tokyo on Thursday night after a 10 hour flight. Mr. Shokoin met me at the airport and took me to a nearby hotel. 
In the morning we moved my things to a more central Tokyo hotel where I was met my Mrs. Mutsumi Wataru.
I know no Japanese nor did she know any English but between our two dictionaries, we communicated very well. We first went to the Mikimoto store in the Ginza district to see a hooked embroidery exhibit that was unfortunately closed (but the pearls were gorgeous).  From there we went to the Emperor’s palace. We walked around the beautiful outside gardens unfortunately the inside gardens were closed because of a visiting dignitary. I managed to snap a few pictures of the unknown dignitary getting a ride around the palace in a horse drawn carriage, which I was told was a very unusual event. 

Besides lunch and a little shopping it was fun seeing the famous Kabukiza Theater and Tokyo Station. 
Thanks for a great day Mutsumi.


  1. How nice to see you blogging and traveling again! I hope you got to rest a little after that 10-hour flight! Looks like you had wonderful weather that day. I look forward to more posts about your exciting trip!

  2. Thanks Kathy, it's been so long since I've blogged I wonder if anyone still follows it. But after a trip like this I need an outlet for all I've seen and done. Just need to share because I feel so lucky to get to do this.