Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nagoya’s workshop was small. Out of the 12 that signed up only 7 came. One of the students brought the early clover shuttle that’s a copy of the Milward but with a tip. (I had posted this earlier) This tatter also brought some shuttles that she commissioned an artisan to do. Some were ivory and a couple were mother-of-pearl. As with all tatters, we like to see what others have in their bag, I would put out the things in mine. When this particular tatter came up to see the shuttles in my bag I had a Diane Andra wood shuttle she had never seen. As she was walking away my interpreter heard her say she would like to swap me for it. So naturally I said “I’ll trade you.” Now I know bringing ivory over the border is a no-no, but I couldn’t resist. As you can see they are as beautiful as they are rare.

The owner of the ivory shuttles is the tatter of the bag and necktie/jabot below. I will always have a special place in my heart for this classic single shuttle work.

As with the other workshops there is a wonderful display of projects. Along with their own patterns (please respect designs), I’m sure you’ll recognize some familiar patterns. I like the composition of the picture using Jane Eborall’s gecko, although the reflection off the glass doesn’t do it justice. After my Nagoya workshop we left on a 2 ½ hour train trip to the city Takayama.  

The tatters of Nagoya

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