Thursday, October 21, 2010

I had my last workshop today. 13 tatters. One lady was Toshiko Takashima, who is 94 years old. She wrote the book on japanese needle tatting. She was there with her daughter Taeko. They gave me some instruction books along with some needles. They have hooks on each end. Guess I'll have to give it a try.

The ladies again were just as sweet as can be and I had a great time. A representative from the Clover company came to look at my shuttle collection. I brought about 30 shuttles. She asked me what tatters would like to see new from Clover. I told her I liked to see pretty designs on shuttles and larger one without a tip for beads. You gals have any other suggestions I'll pass it on, I have her card.

The tatting you see is a center piece the tatter put on her shirt so I could picture it better. All the single shuttle tatting has three silver seed beads on the in inner thread. It looked real cute with a little bling.

I also went to a kimono fashion show today. They were beautiful. The building houses a textile shop. They had working looms showing the different fabrics they and of course some for sale. It was a fun place to shop.


  1. Oh my GOSH you met Toshiko Takashima and her daughter? I met them both about eighteen or so years ago in Leicester. Such a sweet pair of ladies. If you see them again please, please say hello to them from me - IF they remember me.

  2. Lovely centerpiece there!

    Have to say I'd still want the tip on a bigger shuttle for beads. Don't really want the shuttle longer, just with a taller post since beads do take up more room. I love their shuttles just as they are. Lucky you to get to meet so many wonderful people!

  3. I'd just like my curiosity satisfied -- why, when they made the neon Clovers, did they just do 5? They could have made a lavender one and we wouldn't all have so many extra green shuttles! Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...

  4. Hi Sharren, Have you seen the new pastel clovers, there's a lilac colored one in that group?