Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween,

My second workshop in Tokyo I had my first Japanese man tatter. He did not tat the pumpkin, that was the work of another tatter in the same workshop. But he tatted the rest of the things on this page. He made all the costumes by hand. Enjoy.


  1. what wonderful ways to use tatting! That tie is my favourite, I think! And all the tiny dress models - really lovely, thank you for showing them.

  2. Wow! Love the white ball gown with the black tatting!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your experirence tatting in Japan.

  3. Such beautiful photos! WOW! I love them all! I remember taking tailoring and design in high school and having to make little models of clothing, LOL! You did such a lovely job of your beautiful gowns and with the added tatting they are just lovely! I love the RED! It's smashingly gorgeous!
    I love the doily underneath the pumpkin, too! WOW!

  4. Great post! Love that tie!
    Fox : )