Saturday, June 19, 2010

More in June

Here's a picture of a couple more purses I've tatted. The pale pink one is Manuela 20 and varigated is Lizbeth 20. There's a quarter in the pink one if you can see it.

I've gone through all my binders looking for the butterfly pattern and can't seem to find it. If anyone remembers where it's from please let me know.
A few years ago I found this cute apron with the same butterfly pattern in an Antique shop. Isnt it cute!

I've finished writing out the pattern, a bit modernized. If anyone would like to check it, I'd be most appreciative.



  1. Those purse's are just gorgeous and I wouldn't mind trying the pattern for you. But I will warn you I am a slow tatter and semi new!

  2. The purses are beautiful, I test tat for my sister sometimes but that's all, you could try me.

  3. The purse pattern is darling! I love how you put the butterflies on the pocket of the apron! That is very cute.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Are you saying that when you got the apron it already had the tatted butterflies on it? Super cute, what a find!

    If you still need a test tatter let me know.

  5. Just found your blog Heidi, welcome to blog land, great having you with us. Your purse is gorgeous.

  6. Yes Bonnie, I found the apron with the tatted butterflies on it. Who could resist!

  7. I just found your blog. Nice to see all your pictures from the Japan trip.
    I may know something about the butterfly.
    A bridal hanky with this butterfly tatted a corner was noted on ebay and Terry McGuffin recreated the pattern for Georgia Seitz's online class. The original pattern appeared in Dec 1947 issue of Women's Day Magazine and was designed by Virgina Savage. I do happen to have the original (just the pages with the tatting patterns, not the whole magazine.)

  8. What a lovely butterfly! It must have been "meant' for you to find it in the antique shop.
    I won't offer to test the pattern, I work far too slowly!

  9. how do I get your pattern for your purse?